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Seafood Market in Bon Secour

After more than four decades in the business, our team knows how to bring in the freshest seafood catches and offer a wide variety, every day Monday through Saturday. Call in advance to reserve a special order of our daily catch or come by to see our selection for yourself!

Home of the Royal Red Shrimp

The crown jewel of Alabama, royal red shrimp is a seafood delicacy with more robust flavor than any other variety. We catch all of our shrimp varieties locally, so you can rely on Aquila Seafood Inc for the freshest catch of Alabama's seafood highlight.
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Fresh Seafood

You simply can't beat the fresh-off-the-boat quality of the Aquila Seafood Inc market. From shrimp to fish to lobster, our freshness is a part of our reputation that kept us in business for the past four decades, even in rough times. Come see and taste the quality for yourself, and you'll keep coming back for more, we're sure of it! 

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We Pack to Travel

Even if you don't live in Bon Secour, a trip to our seafood market is worth it. Whether you come from down the street or across state lines, we pack all of your seafood to last the trip home and preserve freshness.
Boat on the voyage to catch shrimps locally in Bon Secour, AL
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